We feel it is vitally important to help continue championing fresh fruit and vegetables and support our customers, particularly younger people. This may include informing and displaying  UK Produce to emphasis the benefits of eating local produce.


We frequently display local fruit and vegetables, usually with grower information and how near the farm may be (‘food miles’). In some cases we can even help to promote a completely local menu, whereby for example, everything on the menu is grown within a certain radius of the dining area.

Previous “200  Mile Menu” days have been a huge success.


English Apple Day” is another example of how relatively simple it can be to help educate customers and promote locally grown, UK produce. Invariably most people simply  recognise   a foreign  red  or  green apple, but have  possibly not tried any of the huge variety of English apples seasonally available to them and most prefer the English, purely because of their unique and fresher flavours.

We also arrange visits to local farms and growers, which gives people and chefs a much better appreciation of the huge efforts made by British growers and Mother Nature to produce some of the most envied produce in the world, which many take for granted.

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