UK Heritage Tomatoes...

April-May has been so cold, these gems have started a little later than usual, but thankfully British Heritage Tomatoes are now with us.


Generally, the season runs until late Autumn. These are grown at Nutbourne Nurseries in Sussex, which is just 54 miles from Central London.

All of the tomatoes grown at Nutbourne are insecticide-free and only natural predators are used for biological control.


The colours are stunning with the unique flavour to match. Varieties include Chocolate/Kumato, Piccolo, San Marzano & Coeur de Boeuf. If you need one specific variety only, they need to be pre-ordered, but most enjoy the mixed 3kg boxes – with either larger loose ones or the smaller varieties on the vine.


There is a major difference in quality of these UK grown ones, which you can tell instantly by the aroma. Unlike most imported ones, they have also not travelled hundreds of miles in cold fridges. Make sure you take these out of the fridge a good hour before eating, which improves the flavour and sweetness even more.

Delicious English Asparagus from Portwood in Norfolk is still going strong and will do so through to late June. Again because of low temperatures in April, these were a bit slow to get going, but now fingers crossed we have better weather, this is at its best right now.

UK grown...

Protected Designation of Origin - Jersey Royals are coming through in greater quantities now with the smaller Mids our favourite. Larger ‘Ware’ and the baby ‘Chats/Pearls’ are also around.

Lettuces including Iceberg, Cos, Little Gem, Red Gem, Rocket, Baby Spinach, Baby Chard, Chinese Leaf and Baby Mixed leaves are now UK grown from Cambridgeshire.


Also from the UK: Radish, Rainbow Chard, Spring Greens, Baby Artichokes, outdoor Rhubarb, Spring Greens, Cauliflowers, Celeriac, Shallots, Banana Shallots, Spring Onions, Cucumbers, Bramley Apples, Agria Potatoes, Red Desiree Potatoes, Jackets, King Edwards, Swede,  Chantenay Carrots, Watercress, Microherbs/flowers. 


Sadly, favourites like Wild Garlic and UK apples are finishing, but British Strawberries and Raspberries are just around the corner (more info to follow in the next update).


From elsewhere...

Spanish stonefruit, including Peaches, Nectarines and Apricots, have just started and improving in sweetness each week. There is also Spanish Cherries available.


Although UK grown is not far away now, fresh Peas, Broad Beans and Runner Beans are coming in from Italy, combined with these visually stunning Borlotti Beans below.


Wild mushrooms including Morels & Girolles remain in good supply currently.


Baby Beetroots including red, candy and golden (below) are in good supply from France. Round Courgettes - both green and these bright yellow ones (both are dearer than the standard ones, but beautiful.)

Puntarella, Cime di Rapa & Cavalonero remain good quality from Europe.


All UK grown potatoes will remain an issue for several weeks and as something different, these Purple Truffle potatoes are delicious and have purple flesh also.


For something very different, and if you are strong enough, this beast from the East above is fresh Jackfruit and this one weighed in at a whopping 13 kilo! It is also available in packets ready prepared.


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