‘All Hallows Eve’ is on Wednesday 31st and we fully expect it to be busier and better this year, as it has been year on year over the p.ast few Halloweens.

Like watermelons, PUMPKINS are 90% water and the hot British summer and lack of water has played havoc with pumpkins and we are seeing smaller ones this year. We are waiting to see if any XXXL ones arrive, but for most, the Large and Extra-Large will suffice. They are grown in Essex and are ‘Harvest Moon’ variety.

There are also lots of other squashes around at this time of year, including
baby pumpkins or MUNCHKINS plus a host of British Autumn Squashes...

British Autumn Squashes  are grown in March, Cambridgeshire, which is around 90 miles from Central London and are packed full of flavour and vitamins. Some varieties are also below:


21st October

National Apple Day falls on a Sunday (21st), so this can be celebrated the week before, week after or both!

They are crisp, sweet, juicy, cost less and more importantly, are locally grown in Kent and Sussex, within 40-50 miles of Central London. The most popular varieties are Gala, Cox, Russet, Braeburn and Spartan, with some other lesser known varieties also available, such as Rubinola and Charles Ross [above]. You can order by the variety or a mixture. If you require any information on any varieties, please let us know.

Staying in the UK, these chunky British Comice Pears [left] are delicious and packed full of juice when eaten ripe. Judge them by their flavour, rather than their sometimes-scruffy looking skin.


As the winter months approach, more traditional veg starts to appear, including Sprouts and Sprout Tops, which are no longer just a Christmas item, as people appreciate their flavour and nutritional benefits. UK grown bunched Spinach is still going strong and even the Romanesco is UK grown at the moment.  Marrows, Kale, Bunched Beetroot, Swiss Chard, Rainbow Chard and Cauliflowers are also all UK grown.


Any Baby Bunched veg at the moment is coming from Italy and France, including Baby Red/Candy/Golden Beetroot, Leeks, Orange Carrots and these lovely Baby Yellow Carrots.


Also from France are these multi-coloured Rainbow Radish (below) and  stunning Round Yellow Courgettes and their green cousin [below]. On the fruit front, peaches, nectarines and apricots are finishing, so President Plums from France and Greengages [below] from Spain have become more popular along with the UK apples for fruit boxes & baskets.


Pomelo, Mangoes, Prickly Pears, Black Figs, Rambutan and Feijoa [right] are all readily available. Dutch Strawberries have now pretty much replaced the British ones and all berries including, Raspberries & Blueberries will start to come from abroad.


Wild mushrooms, including Girolles, Chanterelles, Pied de Mouton, Pied Bleu, Mousseron are all currently available, despite volatile prices. East European Ceps are a little trickier to come by, but cultivated varieties such as Oyster, Shi-itake, Maitake, King Oyster, Shimeji & Golden/White Enoki are  readily available.

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