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British Strawberries...

It has been worth the wait and finally the UK Strawberry season is with us!
Annabel’s Deliciously British is renowned for the quality of their strawberries (& other fruit). They are grown in West Yorkshire and look and taste amazing. They grow several varieties and our favourite is the Malling Centenary which should be here throughout May & June.


As well as superb growers, every thought is given to the environment, from biodegradable cases (both 500g and 1kg) through to using excess fruit to make conserves, which are equally delicious!

Annabel Makin-Jones, founder of Annabel’s Deliciously British, “I have met some of D.D.P.’s customers, so I know how important quality and flavour is, plus consistency. We also align in our appreciation of the environment and sustainability, with biodegradable punnets being just a small part of what we do to embrace this.”

The timing is perfect, with Jubilee celebrations just around the corner and lots of events happening. As well as being the UK’s favourite fruit, we should not forget how healthy they are and a great source of vitamin C, plus very rich in antioxidants. They also contain calcium, for healthy teeth and bones. All of this and taste sublime.

British Heritage Tomatoes...

It’s easy to see why April-May is one of our most favourite times of the year, because not only the above UK Asparagus starts, but late April also sees the start of some fantastic Tomatoes grown by Nutbourne Nurseries They are a family run business, based in Pulborough, Sussex (just 54 miles from Central London). The season at Nutbourne generally runs from April through to late Autumn and all the tomatoes grown here are insecticide-free and only natural predators are used for biological control. There is a  huge range of different sizes and vibrant colours, including the larger Coeur de Boeuf or smaller Midi-Pumpkin, Orange Cherry-Vine, Tiger, San Marzano  & Piccolo varieties. You can choose by variety, or most prefer a mixed 3kg box either loose or on-vine. Either way, you will know when you have these tomatoes in the kitchen, as the aroma is amazing. You  don’t always get that same aroma with imported tomatoes, plus they have also not travelled long distances at cold temperatures.  


The delicious British Asparagus from Portwood in Norfolk seems to get better every year and still going strong. (season finishes at the end of June).

Also, from Norfolk is this very timely special edition Jubilee Flower Wheel [below] with a beautiful combination of edible flowers in glorious red, white and blue.

UK Broccoli, should be any time now and many salad leaves including Iceberg, Little Gem, Cos, Lollo Rossa, Lollo Biondi, Baby Spinach and Baby Leaves.

Jersey Royals remain popular and should start to come down a bit pricewise. Beetroot, Kale, Pak Choi, Spring Greens, Shallots, Cucumbers, Spring Onions, Red Onions, Watercress, Chinese Leaf, New Potatoes, Cornish ‘Earlies’, Peashoots, Artichokes.

Although other British berries are not far away now, other than strawberries, we are limited fruit-wise to Fuji apples. Wild Garlic has now finished.

From Elsewhere...

Some produce has proved problematic, both in terms of availability and subsequently pricing. Melons are less difficult although Watermelon pricing remains on the high side.
More and more stonefruit is beginning to arrive and both peaches & nectarines are improving in size and quality. French Apricots have also just started but although the first batches are a good size, they are on the dear side.
Cherries are available from USA, France and now Spain, with the latter being the most economical.

Some unusual berries have started to come through including Black Raspberries and Golden Raspberries. Also below, Pineberries (flavour is a combination of strawberry and pineapple) and also the very sweet Strasberries (strawberry/raspberry combination). All are genuine plants and not genetically modified). All of these berries are fairly expensive so please check before ordering.

There are some really good baby-bunched vegetables arriving from France currently, including: Baby Turnips, Baby Purple Carrots, Baby Yellow Carrots, Baby Fennel, Baby Golden Beetroot, Baby Candy Beetroot, Baby Leeks, Baby Red Beetroot.



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