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"Kalette It Snow".. - Kalettes ® are fundamentally a cross between Kale & Sprouts – combining the crispiness of kale alongside the rich, nutty flavour of sprouts. They look like small frilly cabbages with a pretty dash of purple here and there. They are extremely versatile, as you can boil, steam, fry, braise & even use in salads. They are also packed full of antioxidants, Vitamin C & Vitamin K.

These are UK grown and should be available from around mid-late November.
We are big fans of sprouts in all different forms, whether it be traditional leafy
UK Brussels Sprouts, ‘Trimmed’ Dutch ones, Sprout Trees or Brussels Tops. They all are packed full of flavour, versatile and have a lot of health benefits, including vitamic C and lots of folic acid.

Jerusalem Artichokes (aka ‘Sunchokes’ or ‘Sunroots’) are a delicious member of the sunflower family and worth the extra work if peeled or simply wash, season and roast.

On the parsnips front there are both larger traditional ones or these baby ‘Piccolo’ Parsnips from Notts. They will also be carbon neutral in the near future, as they are from the same growers as the Chantenay Carrots – please see below and attached.

Carrots – plenty of choices from traditional orange ones through to Heritage varieties in Purple, Yellow or White.

The Chantenay Carrots from Nottinghamshire are also available in orange or mixed colours. These are the world’s first carbon neutral carrots – please see further information to follow.

Cabbages – Savoy, Red, White, Cavolonero, Spring Greens or Hispee/Sweetheart.

Both Green Broccoli and Purple Sprouting Broccoli are good or alternatively Tenderstem is another option.

Beetroot in large or baby form, in red, golden or candy are also available.

Lots of potatoes to choose from including, King Edward, Maris Piper,

Chippers Choice, Red/Desiree, Agria, Truffle (Purple), Ratte, New Potatoes/Mids, Baby Mids – are all currently available The standard varieties are also available peeled or quarter-cut if required.


Chestnuts are available both fresh and ready peeled (vac-packed).

Cranberries – fresh, puree or frozen.


There is some lovely citrus in the coming weeks, including above Leafy Clementines, Bergamots, Kumquats & Leafy/Unwaxed Lemons. European Blood Oranges should start later this month/December.

Highlights from France include Golden Turnips, Green Meat Radish, Blue Meat Radish, Red Meat Radish, Heritage Beetroot, Purple Truffle Potatoes, Heritage Carrots, Samphire, Purple/Yellow Cauliflowers, Swiss Chard, Pissenlit Blanc, Chervil Root, Parsley Root, Meat Radish, Heritage Tomatoes, Delica Pumpkin, Muscat Pumpkin.

Highlights from Italy include, Trevise, Castelfranco, Courgettes Flowers, Tardivo, Puntarella, Cima di Rapa,
Artichokes & Datterini Tomatoes 

European Figs have finished for now but the South American ones have been good quality so far. Most Melons and Papaya are from Brazil mainly.


It is a great time of year for bauble-like Pomegranates and succulent Medjool Dates.


Kaki (persimmon) have also been available and are delicious when eaten ripe. They are high in iron and calcium and possess more dietary fibre than apples (per100g).


Brazilian Mangoes remain good quality. Other available exotics include, Baby
Pineapples, Rambutan, Grenadillo, Pitahaya & Mangosteen.
South African Cherries are available but expensive.


Lychees hopefully arriving shortly. Although there are still a number of UK-grown apples and pears, many of the imported apples will switch to Chilean shortly.

Berries including Blueberries, Blackberries & Raspberries will be coming from South America, whilst Strawberries are likely to remain expensive from Holland short-term. Red Plums are Italian and Grapes will be switching to the Southern hemisphere shortly.


It is a good time for many wild mushroom varieties with Girolles [above] being the pick of the bunch. Also, currently available - Trompette, Cepes/Porcini, Chanterelles, Pied de Mouton,  Pied Bleu & Autumn  Black Truffles (approx 25g each). Plus Shi-itake, Oyster, Enoki, Shimeji, King Oyster, Chestnut & Portobello. 




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