Brussels Sprouts have experienced a massive revival in terms of popularity over the past decade and are now more appreciated for their unique flavour and very high nutritional values. Although used by many throughout the year, it is the next 6 weeks when they are most popular. Nice, plump, leafy sprouts are UK grown (Lincs), as are the Sprout Trees/Stalks (left) and Brussels Tops. The trimmed version is usually from Holland, along with the Purple Brussels, which usually start late November.
British Kalettes (below) should also start in the coming weeks, which are basically a cross between Kale and Sprouts and often sold on their stalks. They can be roasted, grilled, sautéed or the smaller leaves can be used for salads.

Chantenay Carrots from Nottinghamshire are available in traditional orange or mixed or tri-colour. Just one portion of Chantenay Carrots is equal to 20% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). 

Also grown on the same farm in Notts are these Piccolo Parsnips (right). New Potatoes (Worcs), Parsnips (Suffolk), Cauliflowers (Kent), Swede (Somerset),Autumn Squash (Cambs), Carrots (Lancs), Savoy Cabbage (Lincs), Turnips (Suffolk), Celeriac (Suffolk), Beetroot (Beds), Kale (Sussex), Red Kale (Sussex), Spring Greens (Essex), Sprout Tops (Lincs), Red, Maris Piper, Jackets & King Edward Potatoes (Cambs), Purple Broccoli (Worcs), Bunched Heritage Carrots (Wilts), Jerusalem Artichokes (Worcs), Rainbow Chard (Kent), Red Cabbage (Wilts), Parsley Root (Wilts), White Cabbage (Wilts), Candy/Gold Beetroot (Wilts), Bramley Apples (Kent), Cox Apples (Kent), Braeburn Apples (Kent), Gala Apples (Kent), Conference Pears (Kent), Edible Flowers (Norfolk) &  Microherbs (Norfolk).

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23 November

Orange Flesh Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash, White Cabbage, Cranberries, Fine Beans, Sweetcorn (twinpack), Crown Prince/Autumn Squash, Chantenay Carrots, Pumpkin, Yam, Parsnips, Desiree/Red Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, Garlic, Bramley Apples, fresh Herbs.

Spanish Satsumas have started in November, along with Leafy Clementines, which are a must for December. They are often a little expensive in early November, so worth hanging on a week or two. Also, popular at this time of year are these lovely large Pomegranates – as red inside as they are on the outside. European Black Figs still have an excellent flavour and Baby Figs have also start to come through, albeit in small quantities so far. 

Fresh Cranberries are now available from North America, Canada and Belarus in both small punnets or 340g bags. Traditional at this time of year and they are very good for you.

Fresh Chestnuts are in full swing, but if you don’t want to roast them whole, there is always the peeled vac-pack Chestnuts available. Some really attractive baby vegetables around at the moment including Baby Leeks, Baby Courgettes, Baby Rainbow CarrotsBaby Cabbages and also Baby Romanesco.  English Mixed Heritage Tomatoes have been replaced by French Brittany mixes (3.5kg).  Grelottes, Baby Artichokes, Globe Artichokes and Red Meat / Watermelon Radish (right) are all French.  Turkish Quince is excellent quality currently, along with all Melons, which now come from South America. Limequats are also around in small numbers – similar to Kumquats, but intense lime flavoured. On the wild mushroom front, Girolles, Trompette, Pied de Mouton and Chanterelles are all currently good quality

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