Forced Yorkshire Rhubarb is in tip-top condition right now – pink, tasty and uniquely British. It is grown by our friends, Westwoods, who are located in the ‘Yorkshire Triangle’. Grown indoors and only around for a few months, so not
to be missed.

January King Cabbages (left) have just started, which are generally sweeter than normal cabbage, with attractive, purple outer leaves. Grown in Lincolnshire. Savoy Cabbages are also good quality, along with normal red and white cabbages – all UK grown. Cavalonero and both green and red Kale also remain British grown. Purple Broccoli can be a bit unpredictable quality and supply-wise around this time of year and green Broccoli is imported now. Brussels Sprouts and Sprout Tops are no longer just a festive item and form part of many people’s healthy New Year resolutions. Sprout Tops are likely to be finished within 3-4 weeks approx.

Bramley Apple Week (first week of February) is likely to be here before our February Newsletter reaches you. Again, uniquely British and a wonderful accompaniment to the UK rhubarb above. If you require further information on Bramley Week, please contact us..

Pak Choi (Lancs) remains UK grown, although less plentiful -Autumn/Winter Squashes (Cambs) are still available, Carrots (Lancs), Savoy Cabbage (Lincs), Turnips (Suffolk), Celeriac (Suffolk), Beetroot (Beds), Kale (Sussex), Red Kale (Sussex), Spring Greens (Essex), Sprouts & Sprout Tops (Lincs), Red, Maris Piper, Jacket & King Edward Potatoes (Cambs), Bunched Heritage Carrots, Jerusalem Artichokes (Worcs), Red Cabbage (Wilts), Parsley Root (Wilts), White Cabbage (Wilts), Candy/Gold Beetroot (Wilts) and Pink Fir Potatoes (Kent).

Always trickier during Winter months, but on the UK fruit side, Cox Apples (Kent), Braeburn Apples (Kent) and the last few batches of Russet Apples (Kent). Gala Apples are now from overseas. Conference Pears (Kent) remain British grown, although other varieties such as Comice and Williams will start to be imported.

The success of micro-herbs and micro-cresses over the past 5-10 years has been incredible and aside from the regular varieties such as Basil, Coriander and Red Amaranth, below are the ones which have seen a surge in popularity in the early part of the year.

From left to right, Wasabina (mild mustard, spicy), Pink Stem Radish (peppery/earthy), Sunflower Shoots (nutty, slight citrus hint), Golden Peashoots (sugarsnap pea flavour): -

From Elsewhere...

From Italy, are these Bergamots – is it a lemon or an orange? Probably best described as a cross between the two. It is less bitter than a lemon, but not as sweet as an orange 

The flesh cannot really be eaten, but the juice is used for Earl Grey tea. It can also be used for sorbets, vinaigrettes or marmalades. The zest is very aromatic and is great for mousses, cakes and sauces.

The flesh cannot really be eaten, but the juice is used for Earl Grey tea. It can also be used for sorbets, vinaigrettes or marmalades. The zest is very aromatic and is great for mousses, cakes and sauces.

January is a great month for citrus with Blood Oranges (right), Navel Oranges, Pomelo, Satsumas, Nadorcotts, Grapefruit, Kumquats, Leafy Lemons, Limes & Seville (Marmalade) Oranges.

Also from Italy is this beautiful Rainbow Chard (left), Monk’s Beard (below) and mixed Trevise punnets (trevise/castelfranco/radicchio) [right].

On the wild mushroom front, Girolles should start to drop in price, as the origin changes from USA to Europe. Both Grey and Yellow Chanterelles available, but Trompette worth avoiding short-term because of short supply and high market prices.

There has been some decent stonefruit from South Africa of late, including Apricots and White Flesh Nectarines. Also from South Africa, Lychees (also S.Afr.) [below] are  excellent quality and good size. Plums from the same origin are in very short supply currently and may see prices continue to escalate. Spanish Large Navelina Oranges and Nadorcotts (in place of satsumas) are both excellent quality. There are some good Cherries from Argentina around. Pomegranates are still a good colour (Turkey). Black Figs from South Africa should be arriving over the next 2-3 weeks to replace the Brazilian green ones. There are still plenty of UK apples available, although Gala Apples are now from South Africa, along with other overseas varieties, including Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and Pink Lady. 

Monk's Beard


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