Halloween (or ‘All Hallows Eve’) falls on Thursday 31st and it seems to grow in popularity year on year. We’ll send another specific bulletin on Pumpkins,  including various sizes etc over the next few days, but they are grown in Kent  and most of them will be “Pam” variety.

There will also be plenty of   Munchkins (baby Pumpkins) and Autumn Squashes are at their peak right now. There are many varieties, with Crown Prince being our favourite, plus Onion, Sweet Dumpling, Harlequin, Acorn, Turk’s Turban, Kaboucha, Harlequin &  Casperita [right]. Most of these are available by variety or by the 10kg mixed box is most popular.



National Apple Week starts Monday 21st October, with some fantastic British Apples available, including common varieties such as Cox, Gala, Braeburn & Russet, and also some lesser used varieties, such as Spartan, [left] Rubinola, Kidd’s Orange and Laxton’s Fortune. The skin is not usually shiny and the British apples may not win the cosmetic contest compared with many imported apples you find in supermarkets, (which can also be a year old incidentally), but they more than make up for this  in terms of flavour, juice and crispiness. Also, they are grown just 40-50 miles from Central London and cost less. If you require any further information on specific varieties, please let us know.


With UK apples taking centre stage, British Pears are often the poor relation in comparison. British Pears are superb with Conference, Concorde and the enormous Comice [right] varieties available from both Sussex & Kent. 


Also from the UK, Purple Broccoli [below], Brussels Sprouts, Savoy Cabbage, Cavolonero, Hispee Cabbage, Cauliflowers, Leeks, Parsnips, Swede, Turnips, Kale, Red Kale, (outdoor) Rhubarb, Sweetcorn (ending  soon), Carrots, Celeriac, Rainbow Chard, Jacket Potatoes, Maris Piper, Chipper’s Choice, King Edwards, Desiree, Vitelotte (purple) Potatoes, Shetland Black Potatoes, Marrows, Beetroot, Candy/Golden Beetroot, Onions, Cabbages, Mid’s & Celery. Fresh Broad Beans, Peas, Runner Beans & Bobby Beans are all currently still around, but will finish shortly.


This month will also see a switch from UK-grown to imported Lettuces (Iceberg/Cos/Baby Gem/Lollos), Baby Leaves, Mixed Leaf, Rocket, Mesuna, Baby Spinach & Baby Red Chard. Whilst there are still some UK grown Blackberries & Raspberries around, these will also switch to imported, along with the Blueberries and Strawberries, which are already imported.


October is a great month for Mushrooms, both wild and cultivated. There are many varieties available, including these King Oyster (Eryngii) [left], which can be grilled or even ‘pulled’ as a substitute for pulled pork, Girolles, Grey Chanterelles, Yellow Chanterelles, Cepes, Pied de Mouton, Shimeji, Pied Bleu, Enoki, Shiitake, Golden Enoki, Oyster and these Trompette de la Mort (Trumpet of the Dead) aka Horn of Plenty [bottom left]. All of these plus your traditional Chestnut, Portobello, Field/Flat, Button & Cup. Always best to check availability and price on wild mushrooms and if you require any further information please let us know.

These Perlina Aubergines (Asian Aubergines) [left] from Italy are stunning. They have a delicate, slightly sweeter flavour and thicker skin than standard aubergines. Also coming from Italy are Borlotti Beans, Cepes, Pomegranates, Tardivo, Puntarella, Bergamot, Frigatelli Peppers, Bergamot, Round Courgettes, Kaki, Red Plums and Castelfranco.

Good quality stonefruit is coming to an end in the next few days, so now is an ideal time to switch fruit bowl Peaches, Nectarines & Apricots over to Red Plums and UK Apples & Pears.

All Melons will be switching from Spanish to South American this week. Also, from South American are these fantastic Brazilian "Haden" Mangoes. No Cherries have been around for a week or so, although South African are expected later in the month, the imported ones will be more expensive than the good value UK grown ones.

Much of the Baby Veg including Baby Beetroot, Fennel, Leeks & Carrots will switch over to French by the end of the week. Both Red and White Grelot Onions are very good quality (France). Both Chervil Root [below] & Parsley Root are now available. The beautiful Red Meat Radish is also coming in from France. Although there is still some UK grown Romanesco [left] around, this will be imported from France shortly, along with both Purple and Orange Cauliflowers [below] In addition to the many squashes around, there are also Display Gourds [below] around.

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