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After a slow start, because of the cold weather through March-April, British Heritage Tomatoes are now with us.

Generally, the season runs until late Autumn. These are grown at Nutbourne Nurseries in Sussex, which is just 54 miles from Central London.

All of the tomatoes grown at Nutbourne are insecticide-free and they use only natural predators are used for biological control.

The colours are stunning with the unique flavour to match. Varieties include Tiger, Piccolo, San Marzano & Coeur de Boeuf. If you need one specific variety only, they need to be pre-ordered, but most enjoy the mixed 3kg boxes – with either larger loose ones or smaller on the vine. There is a major difference in quality of these UK grown ones, which you can tell instantly by the aroma. Unlike the imported ones they have also not travelled hundreds of miles in cold fridges. Make sure you take these out of the fridge a good hour before eating, which improves the flavour and sweetness even more.

UK grown…

Delicious English Asparagus from Portwood in Norfolk is still going strong  and will do so through to late June.

Salad leaves including, Iceberg, Cos, Little Gem, Rocket, Baby Spinach, Baby Chard, Chinese Leaf and Baby  Mixed leaves are now UK grown from Cambridgeshire

Jersey Royals – ‘Mids’ and larger ‘Ware’ remain superb quality and baby ‘Chats’ also available to order. 


Spring Greens, Purple Broccoli, Globe Artichokes, Baby Artichokes, outdoor Rhubarb, Spring Greens, Cauliflowers, Celeriac, Shallots, Spring Onions, Cucumbers, Bramley Apples, Agria Potatoes, Red Desiree Potatoes, Jackets, King Edwards, Swede,  Sea Beet, Watercress, Micro-leaves/herbs. 
British Strawberries and Raspberries are only a couple of weeks away.

From Elsewhere…

Some nice stonefruit just started – Peaches & Nectarines from Spain and Apricots from France. It will probably take another couple of weeks for prices to come down a little, as the first of the season are always a little dearer. Spanish Cherries are also starting to arrive and quality & sizes are improving each week.

There are no UK pears currently, but these French Mouneyrac Comice Pears below are excellent quality.


Most melons are still coming from South America, with the exception of these giant Long Watermelons from both Italy & Morocco.


Satsumas/easy-peelers will be an issue for the next 3-4 weeks, as the Peruvian satsumas due to start, are severely delayed and there is very little left of South African nadorcotts. This has led to major shortages and sustained high prices through May.


Whilst carrots also remain short in terms of UK/European, other options including these Sandy Carrots [below] are available, along with yellow, purple and white carrots from France. 


UK asparagus is at its peak and there is also Wild Asparagus from France alongside this ‘wet’ Garlic.


Although UK grown is not far away now, fresh Peas, Broad Beans and Runner Beans are coming in from Italy combined with these visually stunning Borlotti Beans [below].


Wild mushrooms including Morels [below] & Girolles remain in good supply currently.




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