Fruit Boxes

DDP can provide daily fruit boxes and baskets to offices and corporate buildings. The company has vast experience in this area and has been providing fruit boxes and baskets to offices for over 25 years.


All fruit is of the very highest quality, hand-selected, carefully packed according to the customer’s requirements and ready to eat. 


This has helped provide many people with their required daily intake of fresh fruit, can help to improve the general working day and can even help to increase productivity.


Each box or basket can be tailored to the client’s requirement in terms of quantity and variation of fruit. Boxes can either be cardboard or packed wooden trays ready to be served. Wooden trays can be supplied by us or our clients.


Bananas, apples, satsumas, pears, grapes and plums are very popular, but DDP can also add local items in season and a wide variety of exotic items, if required.


Many companies choose to take both fruit boxes on a daily basis, because of the proven advantages in terms of employee health, general morale and increased productivity.


This makes it a very cost effective benefit, for both employee and employer. Boxes are clearly labelled by floor or department and as part of DDP’s Environmental Policy, can be collected on a daily basis.

Fruit Baskets

Fruit Baskets are also very popular for reception areas, client gifts, to reward employee performance or for special occasions.

Each basket can be tailored to your requirement, including exotic and fruit with vibrant colours.

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